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Our music sessions, led by Julie North, skilfully accommodate members from diverse backgrounds and varying levels of experience.
Joining FAQs
New members are welcome to join, but we recommend that you have achieved a certain level of playing. It is important that you can read music in both treble and bass clef and have a basic understanding of scales in major and minor keys. Additionally, you should be able to play a C major scale in the left hand on a standard Stradella bass.
We suggest that you have a minimum of 72 buttons or more in the bass to fully benefit from your instrument. Players with instruments featuring free bass are also encouraged to join us.
During the sessions, you will have opportunities to improve your technique and engage in duet, trio, or ensemble playing. Participants are also encouraged to bring their own choice of music, introduce new pieces, write arrangements, or share their original compositions.
Morley Accordion Club charges a fee of £220 for the year, which includes a minimum of nine, but typically ten or eleven monthly sessions. If you are interested in joining you have the option to attend one trial sessions for free.
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